I & E Construction



Sustainable practices instruct both what we build and how we build it.  We work with owners to produce efficient buildings and improve existing ones.  Sustainable practices can contribute both to reducing a building's carbon footprint and its operation and maintenance costs.  In addition to the design of the products we deliver, sustainable and efficient practices instruct the way we operate.

We work with owners to implement green building pratices which improve the structures we build and their impact on our environment.  This includes a wide range of practices from site orientation to material selection which we implement with stakeholders on a per project basis.

How we build:

  • Our training and experience allow us to reduce material use through more effective application and reduced waste.
    • Value Engineering:
    • We engage in material reuse and recycling whenever possible.  We sort materials on site and deliver them directly to recycling centers to reduce transportation.
    • Fleet Selection & Maintenance:
    • Ford Transit Service VanWe select the right size equipment to get the job done and keep it in good operating condition.  From ecoboost trucks, to our transit service vans, to job site golf carts, we use the most efficient tool to get the job done.  
    • Efficient Technology: