Our company evolved into rehab work through many years of experience installing siding and envelope systems throughout the Northwest.  We have become experts in the repair and restoration of occupied homes.  Our experience ranges from single family homes in need of partial recaldding and minor upgrades to complete restoration of large complexes comprised of several hundred homes.  

For over 20 years we have been repairing and restoring condominiums, townhomes, apartments, and commercial structures throughout the Northwest.  We approach each project with the use and life of the building in mind.


Our quality management process exists to ensure that our work is correct and consistent.  We rely primarily on our field staff and supervisors to communicate and implement our process. 

We also inspect each section of work at several critical stages. 

  • The initial inspection is performed when demolition is complete and we are able to observe the work area.  At this point, the project team inspects the area with the consultant and determines what, if any, additional work (dryrot/framing) needs to be performed. 
  • After that work is complete, we conduct an inspection to ensure the area is ready for the building envelope to be installed. 
  • Once the building envelope is installed we inspect its elements (WRB, flashings, rainscreen...) to ensure the envelope is installed correctly. 
  • The area is inspected again once cladding is complete.  This is our paint ready inspection which helps ensure that any aesthetic defects are corrected. 
  • Finally, we inspect the building for total completion.

At each stage in this process our inspection is documented with photos and a written summary of corrective work performed.  Throughout the project we work with the consultant to refine our work and ensure that your building is repaired in a correct, consistent, and well documented manner.  All project records (photos, inspection reports, RFIs, as-builts, etc…) are turned over to project stakeholders as part of the project closeout package.

Project Staffing

Our project management staff consists of a project manager responsible for your schedule and budget, a superintendent responsible for client communication and running the site day to day, and crew foremen responsible for managing individual trade crews.

We staff our projects around a site superintendent who is responsible for the overall project and client communication.  As needed, we staff our projects with foremen who direct 10 to 20 employee trade crews.  We staff larger projects with project engineers and foremen who assist the superintendent with quality control and homeowner communication.  On average, our superintendents have been in their positions for 5+ years and have been with the company for 10.  Many of our supervisory staff started their careers with I&E.

Our site superintendents are responsible for their project as a whole.  They are the first to arrive and the last to leave their project every day.  They handle one, and only one, project at a time to allow them to focus completely on the project at hand.

In our experience, homeowner communication is best handled by the superintendent who has detailed knowledge of the project, the schedule, and is on site full time.  Our superintendents are generally available after hours and prefer to stay appraised of their project.  In case of emergency we also have service staff on call 24/7.