We build homes to be lived in.  Our homes are designed and built with quality and livability throughout.  We apply the expertise gained in our civil and rehabilitation work to produce homes that will last.  

From foundation to roof we build homes to be lived in and to last:

  • We select sites with positive drainage that integrate well with the surrounding land.
  • Foundations are placed on top of 4" of drain rock to ensure subgrade stability and drainage.
  • Homes are framed with kiln dried lumber to minimize shrinkage and subsequent cracking.
  • Windows and doors are correctly integrated into the building envelope to keep air in and water out.

Our homes are built to be lived in.  Below are some of the features that set our homes apart in their day to day use:

  • Covered back patios
  • Automatic garage door openers
  • Low maintenance landscaping and irrigation systems
  • Separate laundry rooms
  • Stained privacy fences, ready for pets & kids
  • Kitchens plumbed for gas or electric
  • Custom cabinets with adjustable shelving