We pursue development projects in a limited capacity with select partners.  We choose these projects based on how they can build on our experience and fit our work portfolio.  Our work is primarily in retail and multi-family, where our construction experience is rooted.  Our development activities allow us to further expand our portfolio of work and better serve our clients with our experience and connections.


I&E Construction executives pursue development opportunities for two key reasons. First, real estate holdings are a portion of a diversified asset portfolio.  Second, development opportunities enable the company to feed itself reasonable construction volume in a risk managed fashion.

We will continue to enter into relationships with select partners on development ventures which build on our experience and represent reasonable next steps in our development journey.

I&E does not envision becoming a full-fledged development company, as our passion is general contracting.


Our experience of ten-plus years has humble roots in buying “fixer” single family homes.  We have learned much since those beginnings and have developed the following projects: 

  • Single lot, single family homes.
  • 2 – 4 lot, single family homes.
  • Large tract, single family homes.
  • Multi-family residential; 80 plus units.
  • Small scale commercial strip mall.
  • Trusted relations with a limited number of established developers with whom we partner on different ventures.