Commercial construction is demanding. We see wisdom in the notion that one needs to know how to build (meaning trade knowledge) if one is going to be an exceptional manager of the construction process. The teams who will build your project are seasoned contractors with professional management skills. You are invited to meet with us to review our backgrounds, to call our professional references, and to confirm these statements for yourself.


I&E Construction prides itself on delivering our clients value: the best constructed product for a given price.  During pre-construction, we advocate for constructability and well detailed plans/specifications. (How easy is it to build?  Is the design intent clearly communicated to minimize downstream change orders?) During construction, we balance solid construction know-how with well matched administrative support. (How much supervision is needed to efficiently run the project?) In the end, smartly programmed design and efficient construction delivery drive the value equation. We deliver for our clients on these two fundamental process aspects.


Quality relates to delivered value in that it ties directly to durability.  I&E Construction has deep roots in the building renovation world.  We have repaired hundreds of millions of dollars of failed constructed product; with exceptionally happy owners as an end result.  Accordingly, product quality is instinctive at I&E Construction.  Your commercial project, whether new or renovation, will be built to last.