We have been performing work throughout the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. Our recent work is below. Please click on projects below for more details.

Project Divisions:

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Greens at Millcreek Site Development 2015 / Hubbard, OR

The Greens at Millcreek was a turn-key land development project for a local home developer. It included land acquisition, entitlement and site development. The infrastructure development included the installation of the mainline sewer, storm, water and power. It also included street construction of AC paving, curb and gutter, city sidewalks and street lighting.

Riverplace Site Development 2014 / Independence, OR

The 12.02 acre mass excavation included pre-development mass contouring, cut-in and rock roadway subgrades, installation of erosion control, installation of all major utilities including water, sewer and storm, and construction of a public roadway.

Windsor Island Site Development 2014 / Keizer, OR

The development included mass contouring, road construction and installation of all major utilities. In addition, I&E also constructed vegetative swales and plantings for storm drainage.

North Halleck Site Development 2014 / Portland, OR

This urban infill project to construct five home-sites included pre-development contouring, installation of erosion control and installation of all major utilities.
Getting the site ready with formwork and layout

Canyon Park Pump Station Upgrade 2013 / Lincoln City, OR

A new submersible pumping system with associated electrical and controls and a new building housing support equipment and public restrooms.

Lot 145 Mass Excavation 2013 / Happy Valley, OR

The 6.55 acre mass excavation included pre-development mass contouring, cut-in and rock roadway subgrades, installation of soil monitoring points to confirm site stability and installation of erosion control.

Martin Way Reclaimed Water Plant Membrane Upgrade 2012 / Lacey, WA

Municipal water system upgrades to the Lacey-Olympia-Tumwater utility system.  Work included modifications, additions and upgrades to the membrane system, sodium hypochlorite chlorination system, aeration basin cell sensor/sampling units, and plant-wide foam control system.

Grand Mound Wastewater Treatment Improvements 2012 / Grand Mound, WA

Construction of new biofilter sludge tanks with all associated foul-air piping and slide gates. Aeration equipment and blowers were also installed for a complete bio-solid treatment facility.

Water Pollution Control Facility Phase B-2A 2012 / Everett, WA

Modifications to two existing Headworks biofilters and existing biofilter irrigation system. Assembled and balanced new 36" HDPE foul-air piping in existing Headworks structure and applied specialized coatings at fan building.

Tri-Met - Barbur Blvd Transit Center 2012 / Portland, OR

New stormwater system at Barbur Blvd Transit Center.  Work included construction of new "flow-through" stormwater planters, parking lot pole lighting, sidewalks, paving and striping.

Well 4 Potable Water Corrosion Control Treatment Facility 2012 / Lacey, WA

I & E Construction performed the removal of existing equipment, structures and obstructions, installed new equipment, constructed a new structure, valves, piping and other equipment, and landscape restoration.

Clark Creek Road Culvert Replacement Project 2012 / Kelso, WA

Clark Creek Road culvert replacement project included installation of new steel arch culvert with cast-in-place concrete footings, stem walls and wingwalls and removal and repair of existing roadway surface including backfilling, grading, paving, and waterline relocation.

Vader-Enchanted Valley Water System 2012 / Chehalis, WA

Water System Improvement Project to include procurement, construction and connection to the existing water system of approximately 7,100 LF of 8-inch PVC water main replacement lines complete with valves, air release valve assembly, fittings and appurtenances; approximately 1,900 LF of 4-inch PE water transmission line complete with valves and fittings; approximately 80 service meter connections; 4 sampling stations; and 13 fire hydrant assemblies.

Well No. 9 Treatment Building 2012 / Port Orchard, WA

The Well No. 9 project consisted of the installation of a VFD motor for an existing submersible well pump, a 20' x 24' CMU treatment building with metal roof, a 35' x 19' x 6' deep in ground concrete clearwell, three vertical turbine pumps, a dehumidifier, heater, exhaust fans, a new generator and concrete pad, new electrical wiring and controls.

Highway 99E Sidewalk Infill 2011 / Milwaukie, OR

New infiltration ditches along Highway 99E to improve stormwater management.

Tower Road Bridge 2011 / Toutle, WA

Repaired existing concrete bridge piers to accommodate traffic loads on Tower Road Bridge.  Work included constructing cofferdams around piers to allow for pier replacement.

Linfield College Northup Hall 2011 / McMinville, OR

Below grade waterproofing and civil package including water lines, fast-track mass excavation and structural backfill around the perimeter of the building and full utilities package to include storm water, sewer and steam pipe excavation.

Gut Creek - Zimmerman Road Culvert Replacement Project 2010 / Aurora, OR

Removed existing culvert and replaced with 10' aluminum-steel corrugated culvert for stormwater management. Complete road construction was included.

City of Elgin Waterline Replacement 2009 / Elgin, OR

Replaced residential waterline, water meters and fire hydrants. 5,000 LF of 8" water line; 2,780 LF of 6" water line; 1,295 LF of 1" water line; 790  water meters and 13 fire hydrants.